How To Manage A Surface Grinder


Modern businesses need to be constantly ahead of the pack in terms of technology to successfully survive and expand in the market. So a new unit of machinery that many favor in this respect are surface grinders. With the latest additions to the existing markets such as high speed diamond grinders, many service providers have followed the trend and look to innovate through technology. While an upgrade from your traditional service grinder will definitely increase the overall productivity of the production process, a bit of effort and care from you can enhance this effect. So the following are some of the facts that you must keep in mind to maintain your equipment successfully and to engage in productive sales.

Right job for the right machine

If you are into providing surface grinding services, then it is obvious that surface grinders are of paramount importance to your company. When engaging in such business activities, the most important knowledge that anyone should possess is what machine should be used for particular tasks. The division of high and low speed machines exist to cater to the professional and the amateur respectively. Therefore having a general idea about the customer will have a significant impact. Understanding the applications for which the customer will most probably use the machine for will give you a greater idea of the optimum machine choice. For example while low speed grinders are adequate for most day today activities ,they will not be ideal for the removal of a relatively thicker surface. Most customer complaints and concerns relate to the application of the machine contrary to its intended purpose.


This will be the tipping point which will decide the lifespan and consistency of performance. Applying to the industrial and household user alike, the proper handling of a machine can go a very long way. While one may think that these are fairly low maintenance equipment, the primary threat exists in the dust that may be collected through the material used on by the machines. Most users tend to forget to clean the interior of these machines, thereby making them prone to the collection of dust particles which will increase the risk of rust and clogging. Therefore an occasional cleanup will go along way in maintainability thus providing you with an efficient machine well worth the investment.

Incorrect power sources

Finally, be mindful of the power source of your machinery. Make sure the customer understands the different powered machines such as engine and electric-powered and their respective applications. Unlike typical blades such as sheet metal shear blades or industrial cutter tools, these are based on subjective uses.