Four Things To Be Concerned About When Inviting Your Elderly Parents To Live With You

Old age is an inevitable factor in all our lives and someday we will all become a little too old to do everything we want by ourselves. That day is yet to come and you are still growing and strong. However, our parents who has done so much for us from the moment we were born, up until we grew up to be self-sufficient and independent individuals may have already reached their senior age. Shakespeare so cleverly referred to this age as the second childhood in human life because of the level of care and love one needs during old age. If you are thinking of moving your parents in with you, so that your family can personally give them the love and care they deserve, here are four things to consider in order to create the perfect environment for them to live in.

Make Your Home Older-Adult-Friendly

Unless you built your home with the expectation of someday bringing you Old parents to live with you, it is highly unlikely for a house to be fully equipped in a manner that is convenient for the seniors. The most important thing is to place your parent on the first floor so that they will not have to climb up and down the stairs too often which can be a tiring and potentially dangerous task. Attach better bathroom grab hand rails on the walls of the shower area so that they’ll will find it easier to lift themselves up and remain standing when in the shower. If the house is not wheelchair accessible, set up ramps in all the required locations so that your parents, if they are using a wheelchair, can conveniently move about.

What Is The Level Of Assistance You Can Provide?

You may want to do the best you can to provide the right kind of care needed by your parents. However, it is important to understand just how much you can do especially if you are constantly busy with work commitments and neither your spouse nor your kids will have a lot of time to spare. In such a case, make sure the seniors are not only comforter with, but also capable of taking care of themselves when you are not around. If it’s a necessity, you may even hire a caregiver to look into the parent’s needs during your absence. Equip the bathroom with a folding shower seat, a smart addition which will allow them to enjoy their afternoon showers without aching their knees.

Create A Peaceful Atmosphere

Make sure all your family members understand the compromises that must be made in order to make the parents feel welcome and happy at your residence. A quiet and peaceful atmosphere must be created in which they can get plenty of sleep. If your kids like playing loud music inside the house, make them understand the impact it can have on their grandparent’s health and happiness. You don’t necessarily have to change the diet of the entire house, but it is important to make sure your parents receive the adequate level of nutrition which will give them energy to deal with everyday tasks. Don’t ever hesitate to put off a vacation or a trip in order to stay back and take care of your parents because they need your care more than you need that vacation.

Spend Quality Time Together

Doctors believe that the risk of most psychological disabilities that comes with old age can be greatly minimized by regularly engaging with the people around an individual so that they never feel neglected and alone, which can lead to depression, anxiety and stress. As a family, interact with you parents and spend quality time with them. Grandparents adore the love they receive from their grandchildren. So, let your kids spend as much time as they can with the seniors and as a family, go on a picnic or to the park or to the beach at least twice every month. Staying in a room all day is certainly not the kind of life you want your parents to live.