How To Keep Your Home Cool Naturally?

There are many ways architects and engineers are coming up in order to reduce the use of cooling and heating systems in buildings. That involves the use of materials for building as well as flooring and walls as well as the roof which have insulation properties. However, for old homes this might not exist and hence, many home owners of existing homes need to use different cooling and heating appliances as per the needs of the weather. With increasing focus on energy saving, there are ingenious and simple ways that are being thought of to reduce the need for these appliances and to enhance the insulating properties of these homes.

Facing the hurdles of summer

Come summer and those who live in tropical and land locked areas experience extreme heat. For some it is a combination of heat and rain which brings intermittent relief, but makes the weather humid and hot. For the extreme hot regions, where the dry and hot winds blow, the need to protect own self from the sun and dry air is the main priority. Even though extreme heat requires air conditioning installation in Geelong, there are ways one can reduce the need for cooling appliances as much.

Keeping rooms cool

There are many ways one can make a room cool naturally. For instance, installation of heavy shades or blackout blinds will ensure that the sun does not stream in as much. With the help of conditioned glass windows one can prevent the heat from being absorbed and brought into the room. Wiping the floors with water is also an effective way to reduce the room temperature along with air conditioning installation. If you are interested you can visit this website for home renovation services

Shade of trees

If possible, it would be good to have trees or tall shrubs around the house. The shade that is provided by trees is unparalleled in the coolness and greenness that is rendered to the environment. For these reasons, it is imperative that one invests in greenery around their home. It will surely reap rich rewards for a lifetime and provide optimal temperature even during the hot months.

Insulate air conditioned rooms

Even if you run an air conditioner, ensure that the rooms are well insulated. Hence, check that the windows and doors close tightly and there is no gap left underneath or on the sides. That will help to cool a room efficiently and in a small time frame. You can put the appliance in an auto mode so that, when a certain temperature is reached, it kicks off till the temperature rises again. Investing in energy saving air conditioners as well as the right size as per the dimensions of the room will help to save on energy costs and reduce the running of these appliances.

Things You Need To Know About Living Room Furniture

Whenever a guest comes to your house, the living room furniture is the first thing they notice. So, you have to make sure that you have the best piece of furniture. If you pay little attention, the guests will walk away with a lasting impression. When it comes to choosing the living room furniture, you should be very careful with your choices. 

A design plan is important

It’s really important to have a design plan. If you don’t have one, then create one. When it comes to houses, builders in Byron Bay might not consider many of your ideas. But you can change the overall look of your living room by simply playing with the furniture items.

• You have to create a design plan first.

• You can refer magazine photographs, internet, artworks, nature, fabric designs, homes of your friends etc. for inspiration.

• When you refer these sources, you will be able to come up with something unique.

• You can also follow the advice of the leading interior designers as they might know a lot about the trends.

• However, don’t give too much importance to the trends as they are fickle. Trends are nevergoing to last very long. Don’t go after what is more fashionable now. What is fashionable now might be outdated within few months. 

Get inspired

When it comes to the new home builders, builders are responsible for creating the basic structure of the house. Beyond that, it is up to those who live in the house to define the personality of the house. So, you are totally responsible for defining the way your living room looks. When you choose your furniture items, be creative. Get inspired from all sorts of ideas. There are contemporary ideas, modern ideas, classic ideas and traditional ideas to deal with. You can stick to just one of it or mix these ideas according to your taste. No matter what, draw inspiration from everything you come across.

Choose the right sofa

When it comes to your living room, your sofa is a big part of it. Therefore, make sure that you have the right sofa. You can go for either contemporary or modern sofa set. The right sofa can enhance the overall style of the living room. However, you shouldn’t compromise on the comfort. Irrespective of your personal choices, you should always go for a modern or contemporary sofa set for creating maximum impact.

Pick the right chairs

Speaking of living room furniture, chairs are very important. So, make sure that you pick the right chairs that add to the overall appeal of the room. There are so many types of modern and contemporary chairs you can play with. You can go with matching recliners or chairs. You can also add plant stands, a desk etc. to improve the overall appeal.

What Should You Know While Buying A Home With A Pool?


Home with a pool is a dream of everyone but there are many considerations before buying a home with a pool. People would love to spend their hot summer days beside a pool side so before buying your responsibility also increases.

First you have to be sure that the pool is safe for you and your family, you can consult with your real estate agent or the home owner before buying such a home to know if any maintenance is needed or that pool is efficient and are used in recent times. It is also advisable to opt for pool safety inspection to get assurance of safety of the pool.

There are many things to know about the pool; ask your agent or the current owner that which company made that pool and then ensure about the reputation of that company for safety issues. Ask about the pool’s age and ask the homeowner that if he or she ever repair that pool which is very important thing. You should also ask them whether they have gone through pool safety inspection or not recently.

Make sure that pool is under proper maintenance or ready to use. You can ask for a written assurance of safety from the owner. It would be better to walk around the pool side and notice if there is any crack in the foundation base and if the instruments are in good condition. You can also hire professional inspectors to check for further safety and they can easily notice the faulty areas. And it is also a part of house inspection. But all inspectors are not same experienced so before hiring ensure about their ability of testing and experience that they are familiar with all equipment of a pool such as filter, backwash valves, pumps, drainage system, tanks, water level and the surface. If the pool is in closed condition hire inspectors to open it make it in working condition.

You can do this task in the winter season but it would be better to choose other season. It is because winter season will hide the faults that can be expensive and dangerous when you will use the pool. 

When the inspector will inspect stick to him and notice that he inspects all the areas carefully. Structural issues are very common and proper inspection can make you sure about the pool’s structure that it has good foundation and the pool level is perfect for use. The water should be clean regularly and this is important for health issues.