3 Tips For Building A House


Building a house can be extremely stressful, money consuming and time consuming and there will be a lot of factors that will come in to play before you start building. If you are planning on moving out of your small apartment and building a home of your own, you will need the financial aid as well as other things so if you are planning on building a house in over a couple of months, you better be prepared for it because many complications can arise. If you are the type of person who earns in millions, you can afford to build a home in a limited amount of time but for those of us to whom money does not come easy, you will have to have to have your finances planned out and organized before taking such a drastic decision.

Building a house can bring about a lot of stress but if you are methodical and you have everything planned out beforehand, you can make the construction process a whole lot easier and avoid a lot mishaps along the way and the tips that we have mentioned below will help you do so.

Buy a plot of land

If you were under the impression that you did not need your own plot of land to build a house, you are probably too young to be reading about building a house of your own. When buying a plot of land, you have many things to consider. If you are planning on bringing up your kids and having a family in this house, you may need to look into buying land in a safe neighborhood so your kids will be able to play outside without fear of being shot of sold drugs to.

Design your home

The first step to your construction process is the planning of the house so make some calls, go online and try your best to find the best custom builders in Melbourne East out there because the quality of your completed house will depend on the quality of the work the construction workers have done.

When pitching ideas to the professionals at the custom builders service, try your best to tell them everything you need and the exact way you need it done so if you want your kids to have three bedrooms, mention that the house needs to have three bedrooms.

Get your building permit

In many areas, if you are building a permanent building, you will be required to get your building permit. If you have any idea of what a building permit is, you probably know of its importance so do not save it to the last moment, get it done as fast as possible.


Modular Construction Considerable

There are many myths about modular constructions. Here are some myths and misconceptions about the portable constructions. Many people think that modular constructions are not flexible at all, and if you purchase one of them you cannot change the type or design- This is not a true fact, you can change when it needed and required to move. Hence, you can easily pick out of the many modular buildings for using it for your site offices for sale Brisbane. The modular buildings are made in the climate controlled factories and all the buildings are same code which is required to make a building- This actually tells about the modular building that they all have same design, structure, safety appliances and many more. Actually workers make one side of the wall of the modular building and then electricians do the wiring support and then the last part of the outside wall is merged to the inside wall.

People think modular buildings are boring and they struck to the same design- The designs are not like cubes at all and you can build your own design when buying a portable building or a site office. They have all similarities like a conventional building such as big windows, decks, balconies etc. One of the myth is the modular buildings are not customizable- The difference between a conventional and modular building is that the conventional is made at the site and modular ones are in the factories as part by part or sections. As the plans are ready and parts are made then the workers assembles the sections together. For more info about modular buildings Brisbane, visit http://www.btcagroup.com.au/

People think that modular buildings are not eco-friendly for transportation- The factory can deliver you the modular buildings in one or two days as it is made by their workers, now think once that if you have to build the conventional one then how many months it will take. The one of the true myth is that these buildings are actually very cheap, it saves your money and you can spend that money to buy other items of the office- Portable buildings just require a land where you want to build your office and the building will be in the next three or four months but conventional buildings will take one or two years. These types of building are the future of new buildings. You can easily use those buildings as office, house or you can rent them too. It is also has many environment friendly advantage and it is a quicker solutions to those who need a building at immediate basis.

Pros And Cons Of Different Flooring Methods

Whether you are building a new house or renovating one, flooring is a major part in the plan. Floor and the roof take up most of the budget and it is important to get these two right. When it comes to flooring, there are many options available to suit your budget and the taste. However when selecting an option you need to know the pros and cons of each method in order to select the most timber flooring Sydney choice for your home.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

These are square tiles made of either ceramic or porcelain and come in various sizes. Most people choose this method of flooring due its durability. Compared to methods like a floating floor tiles are very durable and strong. The main advantage of using tiles as the flooring option is that it is strong and will last longer and it is not prone to damage easily. However the cons of this method would be that it is difficult to install them. You need expert help to fix the tiles to the floor and the gaps should be grouted. Although it is very easy to clean the tiles, it is not very easy to clean the grouts and they tend to get dirty easily. These types of floors are very hard and brittle items like plates and glass will break if dropped on to it. Cost depends on the type of tiles you chose, but compared to wood tiles are cheaper to buy.

Wood and synthetic wood

Using timber for flooring has many advantages, it’s a good insulator so in the winter you will be much comfortable with bamboo floor. There are two types of fixing a wooden floor, you can either directly nail the panels to the floor or fix them as a floating floor. It is when you connect the panels to each other like a jigsaw puzzle and raise it vertically above the floor like a stage. So there is a void between the actual ground and the floor. There are many advantages of doing this, main advantage is that if you need to change the method later on it is easy to remove but it is not strong as nailing them to the ground. Disadvantage of using wood are it is costly and it needs constant maintenance. Termite attacks are very common in wood and you need to coat them with anti termite spray and it is not very easy to clean with normal cleaning liquid.


Carpet is one of the most popular methods of flooring due to the cost factor. Based on the type of carpet material you chose the cost various. However it is cheaper than wood or tiles. The installation cost is less than installing tiles or wood. But the main drawback is that it is not easy to clean. If you spill water or liquid on the carpet, it can stain and it can stink after sometimes if not dried properly.